1 on 1 Evangelism Tools

We have a printable evangelism tool available for every country in a number of languages. This tool can be printed off on an A4 piece of paper, cut and then folded to size (full instructions including a training video below). Once you have made up the tool it can be used over and over again to share the Gospel.

Here is a step by step plan for using the one on one tool. We have used the UK as a sample but we have customised versions for every country available…

Step 1 

Place an order for the one on one tool for your country: Click Here

Step 2

Print off the file on an A4 sheet. If your printer can print back to back that is the best option but if not simply print off the front and back separately and glue/tape the two pages together back to back. 

Step 3


Cut the resource to size

Step 4


Fold the paper in half...


 ...and in half again so that only the cover is showing. Your one on one tool is ready to use!

Step 5

Watch a step by step video of how to use this tool then see live footage of a tool being used to share the Gospel with a stranger. To view: Click Here