Gospel Outreach Teams


Congratulations to those who have joined the GO Team network, we hope you find this page encouraging. If you have not joined the GO Team network go to www.gospel-outreach.org/teams for more information. 

The map below shows where the current GO Teams are located and gives updates of the ministry in various countries. To view the photos and updates simply click on a flag and an update will appear on the left. To view more photos simply click the photo that appears and if more images are available they will be shown. To view the map in a separate page: Click here

If you have not yet joined the GO Team network please go to www.gospel-outreach.org/teams for more information

Auckland, New Zealand

This is a team based in Auckland, New Zealand. They have been launching out for a number of years and have held outreaches around Auckland plus another 80+ towns/cities around New Zealand. Members of the team have also been on mission trips to Fiji, Tonga, Samoa and Australia. Please pray for them as they continue to reach out with the Gospel and train others.


The above photos are from GO Training Seminars held in 2 different Churches in Melbourne

A Gospel Outreach Team continues to reach out in Melbourne 'The go team is doing good and we are still outreaching. We have series of approaches now, street outreaches, movies and prayers.We are still printing tracks.' Wisdom

We have recently held a training seminar and outreach in Sydney. Above are some of the seminar attendees after completing an outreach in central Sydney. Over 1000 Gospel tracts were distributed during the outreach and many heard the Gospel through 1 on 1 evangelism. 

Seminar attendees practice sharing the Gospel with each other

‘This our Gospel out reach team ministering in the streets parks and communities in the Bahamas. We also use the arts to spread the gospel through dance, music, drama poetry and the spoken word of God to bring souls into the kingdom’ John Higgins

This is our team from benin republic, a team that am leading to reach others. Pastor Etienne Togni


'As per the pictures above,we have dedicated our lives to God's ministry.We are doing ministy in schools,big and small villages,churches and also in hospitals and we also do house to house.We are currently on our fifth month of a six months mision in small village in Kopong.we help the villagers in assuming knowledge about God,we help youths to realise their dreams and talents and we stil minister in the above mansioned territories.Thank you God bless you Donald'

'I have attached photos of our evangelism team currently working in Botswana, Gaborone. We thank you so mich for your previous support and forwarding some materials for outreach evangelism.' Yonas

Edited from e-mail: 'Shalom, we are a team that works Outreach in Burundi we bring the message of salvation for the unreached people' Bishop Felix

Edited from e-mail: 'Dear Matt Old, This is to inform you that we have the Gospel Outreach Burundi. Below is the liste of the GO Team: 1.Rev. Pierre -Claver Ngezahayo (Facilitator) 2.Mme Manirampa Cornalie 3.Mr. Geralisme 4.Naomie Nikiza 5.Remy Niyomwungere' Pierre cl Ngezahoyo

New GO Team in Montreal, Canada led by Gideon Tandirerung
Central African Republic

'Hello brother in Jesus!Here are some of the photoes of my Go Team ministry of evangelisation.Find them joined to my letter. I have printed the Test and the Question that you've translated into french for my country.I have translated it in Sango too,my national langage. This is what I am using now for the training and evangelisation.The training course is every thursday and Saturday from 2pm to 3,30pm and going out for evangelisation is every Saturday from 4pm to 5,30pm.Sometimes,we are going to villages to preach the Gospel,within one month,we take two days or three to walk some kms to some near villages' Marie


'Thanks for this message of inquiries and want to tell you that we have just started our team leader and school in our area in DR Congo and we,ll be extending now in Rwanda and Burundi very soon this school. We teach these people which heard the gospel and those unheard the gospel. Pray for us to this work because it is very hard. May God bless you so much. Pastor Masilya Witakenge'

Cote d'Ivoire

Edited from e-mail...‘We are a group of evangelisers . Our aim to to evangelise and to assist some poor people who decide to accept Jesus as their saviour. Our name is "Moissonneurs de Jesus Christ" in english "reapers of Jesus Christ".This is our face book: www.facebook.com/les moissonneurs de jésus christ pour la dernière heure. We want to set up a GO Team in Ivory Coast (Cote d'Ivoire). I send you our picture. Thank you.’  Président GOUGOU kOUADIO MARCEL

Edited from e-mail: 'I  set up my team and we would like to represent the Gospel Outreach International in France...ATTACHED the pictures of The  GO Team France. We so appreciated to represent the GO Team in France, may God bless you, Rev Dr Emmanuel St Louis' 

'Hello, This is an update from the Go Gospel International , Gambia team's summer training on "Strategies for Evangelism " using the power of multiplication and why using the tracks . Attached is some of the picture report. Thanks Christopher'


Teaching the team members in Ghana. This was study time for team members Pastor Robert Kanneo

‘Good day, am highly impressed withe the quick respond, i have a team already since a year now. The materials are very good and easy to understand. I love it. attached is my team and some activities of one on one evangelism just the sarturday 17th to 19th sunday 2015’ Obed

'Greetings, This is my team...My vision,it is to share the gospel everywhere in Haiti to fulfill the great commission. Be blessed, Hope to hear from you soon. pastor Jean'


Edited from e-mail: ‘Respected Brother I am very happy to inform you that i will establish Gospel Outreach GO Team India.You will recognize us your team members in India. Prayerfully, Pastor.John Sobhan’

Today I had a serious training with 4 of my leaders. I was explained them to about of m ultification model. They are very happy. Each of them going to attend my 1st  training on 8th January 2016. Kindly pray and equip me to do. Thanking you Jonah


'Our mission is to inform good news from GOD to Indonesian people that we can reach. The Key Success Factor is The Power of Multiplication. Pray for Indonesia & Pray for The World in The Name of Jesus Christ. Amen Best Regards, Ev. Dr. Andi Chaidir, Ph.D., CPC'


We are moving on well and we thank the Lord for he has taken care of us and he has never forsaken us. My team is very committed to learning and we spend two and half hours, three days in a week for our lessons and four hours on Saturdays for our lessons and believe me we are doing GREAT!! thank you so much for your prayers. We managed to print out all the tracts and one copy of International Training Course Kenya. We are doing very well and THE TEST TOOL is doing miracles whenever we go into the field. My team is made up of: Pastor Andrew Wanyama, Pastor Nathan Sifuna, Lilian Nafula, Ev. Cosmas Juma, Enock Juma, Jecinta Simiyu, Ann Wafula, Irine Lubisia, Mark Munyesi, Rogers Sambu, Everlyn Sifuna,  Betty Wanyama, Pst. Andrew Wanyama

Edited from e-mail: 'thanks for this opportunity you've given me, l have studied the lessons for the last one year. I have started the team in a market place, J G GO Team (JESUS GATHERING). Kenya, nairobi, kenyatta market. Jesus gathering go team is compose of business people, traders and workers in the busiest market in nairobi' Evangelist Joseph Arek


'We are new Go team based in Seoul, Korea.  We have held outreaches around all over Korea plus many other countries around Asia and South Pacific. Continue to pray for us as we are going to reach out the lost with the Gospel.' Benjamin Yoo


'For the month of January 2016 The GO Team Liberia was able to reach out in 47 communities including the Liberia government hospital in Buchanan city, the upper Buchanan prison compound and at three local market places in Buchanan city with the GO outreach materials. The people of Buchanan city welcome our team with happiness! We hope to starts with the training process on  February 20, 2016 respectively.Remains blessed,Pastor Murphy T. Jackson'

Evang. Aleysius Y. Johnson and his GO Team in Liberia


'Dear Brother in the Lord, Here is my Team and we have printed 700 tracts and someone has promised us to print from his office 1200 the coming week. Thanks. Samson'


'Hi, I am a pastor of a small Methodist church in Piedras Negras, Coahuila Mexico. We are preparing an outreach ministry so we can go out and reach the country for Christ. Photo enclosed of a theater team we have to preach the gospel. Please send me the training manual and tool for GO team. Thanks and God bless you. Sergio Castro, Pastor. Jesucristo Señor de Señores church.' 

‘My husband and I would love to become a GO Team Leader. We,ve been leadering de Brigades, Evangelism and Missions Coordination at our church in Mexico City but we would like to take this to a higher level in order to train more people and reach more.’ Lusiana Cuaik

'We are very happy to join in this service of God and our hearts are full of joy because we together will save  the souls who have not heard the gospel and lost their eternal life.' Solomon Thang Khang 
Vincent and the GO Team in Namibia

We have four Church in western, Eastern, Southern and Mid-western of Nepal. They share Gospel monthly in their area. They visit in different place   and share gospel with new people. After one week we are going to visit Eastern Nepal for Pastors conference and share the gospel with people in there.  In Christ. Bhim
Kathmandu, Nepal

'I am Pastor Israel Edeh. This the GO NIGERIA TEAM. And we are ready for Feb 27th Gospel Outreach. Thank you GO International.'

'Our prayer request is that God will break the power of fear and religiosity in the nation of Palau' Pastor Adaba

'Thank you very much for your generosity for us. We have been doing outreach ministry whenever new place is ready  for evangelism- we had to prepare ourselves through Prayer n fasting, visiting the prospect place for prayer walk or warfare in the area and of course the outreach team.Here are some of the pictures of our outreach team and activities. Leoncio Bacolod'

I am Pastor Jun Falla pastor of New Life Christian Church here Naujan Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. I am also the President of Naujan Pastors Association. We form several teams  to evangelize not only our community but also our towns and province. Here are the picture of our teams.
‘Dear Matt, on Saturday last week we carried out evangelization in the settlement near Novosibirsk, was great! People were open for Christ's acceptance. I like that after evangelization always very joyfully and feeling what are you doing something great. Blessings, Andrey Adonin’
Gerald and his team from Rwanda, pray for them as they seek to reach out with the Gospel
Some of the NZ GO Team with members of EHC Samoa led by Morgan Ezra. Gregera
Sierra Leone

'The good news is that the town we evangelized most with the printed tracts which is a Mu_lims dominated area with 14 other towns around them with any church is were now by the Grace of God we are now building a church.'

Edited from e-mail: ‘We are thankful to God for what He is doing in our country through the Gospel outreach team in reaching more communities. We minister in buses, car parks, conducting classes, giving out of  tracts and one to one evangelism. We are now able to print over 3500 tracts as you can see in the photo Gospel Outreach in Sierra Leone has its own mini printing house provided by the team leader Rev. Edward T. Gbangutta We need your prayers to do more in reaching other communities.’

'This is a team based in BO, Sierra Leone. We have been launching out for a number of years and have held outreaches around the 12 Districts and towns/cities around Sierra Leone. our Team have also been on mission trips to Ghana, and Haiti to do disciple making movement. Please pray for us as the Ebola is finished to continue to reach out with the Gospel and train others. Nelson'

'we thank God for your lives for bring salvation in the lives of the lost souls. By is grace l have set up of the go team Freetown Sierra Leone west Africa, and we have got faithful pastors, Elders who are working very hard to go out and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have got the a base wherein we can train pastors. we have printed the materials and we use it to train others.' Pastor samuel Turay

South Africa
Edited from E-mail: ‘I would like to register our Go Team which is based in Hillbrow, South Africa. Our team is composed of four members… Our plan of action include door to door evangelism to all the flats in Hillbrow, Joubert Park and Parktown. The program is already running and we have made arrangement with the care takers to be grunted access to all the targeted flats and have complected door to door evangelism in a sixteen storey building.’ LISTEN NZIMA
Praise God for Marcos and his team based in Alicante, Spain. Pray that they would be able to multiply their work and reach multitudes with the Gospel.  
Sri Lanka
'So far my team is going strong and at this time around we are in rural areas trying to reach more people in this christmas time of the year.' Moses

Edited from e-mail update... 'I am glad to send you the Photo of the GO Team formed in Jinja City in Uganda, East Africa in March this year 2015 May God bless you as you share with us the evangelistic training materials. This vision I shared with Jinja pastors and students of True Life theological College and it was warmly accepted when the Bible students were passed out on their Bible Certificate receiving day. May GOD bless you as you guide and support this great commitment/ Commission. Your Servant in Christ, Rev. Dr Toli Simon'

'We have an office and a hall where to base from the local outreach work and likewise I have set-up a GO Team, initially of five reliable, determined and committed servants of God who will consistently reach-out with the Gospel  and more will be added as the need arises. Part of your policy is to train and equip Christians who will train others, actually our focus also is to train and equip Disciple-Leaders and Church Planters along-side Evangelism. Hence we have a Vision and have finalized the plan  to establish a Center for Bible Missions which is to work side by side with your Ministry. Sam Alex N.Magogo UGANDA'

'Here is a picture of our gospel outreach team.We are missing one other man whose name is Darryl Brewer. As to date we are evangelizing but we could be doing better with more training.That's why we need your help.This team wants to go overseas and help people who can't help themselves.' Pastor Todd

‘Greetings, I hope and believe you are all doing well. We are so blessed by your work and sacrifice. We there would be glad to be part of you network. Our recent focus has been school evangelism. We believe our youths need to be taught the word of God. This will reduce teenage rebellion. Please find attached our team photo. Pastor Leyton Mulele’


'We have been involved in the GO programs here in Zambia. Our major concentration is in the rural areas were we minister to usually 08 days in a month. it is unfortunate that we have not many pictures. For us in the night we have open air crusades then during the day we train the local church members in the villages on personal evangelism using the GO teaching we had earlier download. We are back from Chief Chama area where we did ministry from 21 June to 1st July 2015. The place is 1600 Kilometers from our home town Lusaka. it took us 16 Hours on the bus and one hour on the Boat.' Chishala Mwaba  
Lazarous and his GO Team in Zambia