Training Seminar Power Point Presentation

Why use this presenation?

This presentation has been put together to encourage, equip and empower Christians around the world to effectively share the Gospel. Packed full of step by step training and inspiring testimonies these slides are based on many years of practical outreach experience in real life situations. We pray it will be a blessing to both you and those outreach workers you train. 

How to make the most of these slides...

To make the most of this resource please go through each section systematically and get familiar with the material. Look for the notes below many of the slides as this will give you more information and ideas to make the most of the slide content. Make sure you have applies what you learn in the presentaiton to your own own life first. Once you are actively sharing the Gospel yourself you can begin to train others. It may be best to start with just a few trainees. By teaching others you are beginning the process of multiplication found in 2 Timothy 2:2. The potential of this is incredible! Here is a brief overview of the seminar slide contents... 

Section One: Motivation

Get inspired and motivated to reach out with the Gospel           

Section Two: Spreading the Gospel With Tracts

Why use Gospel tracts?             
What can I do with Gospel tracts?     

Section Three: Sharing the Gospel using ‘The Test’ tool

Why use ‘The Test’ picture tool   
Watch step by step training and live footage of 'The Test' tool being used       

Section Four: Keys to Good Communication

Looking at a number of keys that will help you to communicate the Gospel more effectively with strangers. Keys include Pray, Practice, Preparation, Breath and Body odour, Appearance, Choosing the right situation, Good introduction, Body language, Tone of voice, Angle of the booklet, Intensity level, Speed of delivery, Eye  contact 

Section Five: Keys to Reaching friends and family      

Looking at a number of keys that will help you to communicate the Gospel more effectively with friends,  family and workmates.

Section Six: Keys to Overcoming Fear

Looking at a number of keys that will help you overcome fear in Evangelism

Section Seven: Step by Step Training Plan            

A step by step plan to get a person trained in sharing the Gospel and an outline of the multiplication principle  

Section Eight: GO Outreaches and GO Teams

GO Outreaches and GO Teams Goals and how to set up a GO Team in your area.     


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Once payment is received we will e-mail you the file of the Training Seminar Slides ready to use. Many of the slides have instructions in the notes below them. We are seeking to reach more, train more and encourage more Christians to share the Gospel around the world. Your payment will help make all this possible.