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What is a GO Team?

 A GO Team is a Church based group of trained outreach workers who are looking to saturate their local area with the Gospel message and promote local Church ministries to the community.  

What are the benefits of setting up a GO Team?

- Many people who may not currently have any contact with your church will be reached 

- Members of your church will grow spiritually as they get encouraged and equipped to share the Gospel message with others (friends, family, workmates, strangers)

- The Gospel message will be spread to multitudes of people in your community giving them an opportunity to respond to the message and be saved

- Having a GO Team will offer the church more options for ongoing outreach initiatives

- The Biblical principle of sowing and reaping teaches that if we sow we will reap. By sowing the seed of the Gospel into your community you can expect God to grow it and produce a harvest over time.


    How do i set up a GO Team in my Church?

    Step 1: Make sure your Pastor and Church support the formation of a GO Team (click here for an outline to share with your Pastor

    Step 2: Get a GO Team Starter Pack (click here to view

    Step 3: Promote the strategy of saturating your church community with the Gospel and form a team of keen helpers

    Step 4: Systematically distribute the Gospel to each letterbox and business in your community using a map to record areas completed

    Step 5: Book in for a 1 Day GO Team Seminar to further encourage and equip the GO Team members (click here to contact us)