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To get the Gospel message into every home in New Zealand

Our new online map (above) records the house to house campaigns progress


1. We are looking to place a Gospel tract into over 1,600,000 letterboxes in NZ.
2. Each tract will contain a clear, concise, balanced Gospel message.

3. Each tract will have contact details for enquiries and follow up.

4. We will mobilise Christians for distribution, follow up, prayer and funding.

5. We will be organised, systematic and relentless (interactive map of NZ will be used to record progress).

Why is this strategic?...

1. The message of the Gospel is the power of God to save people
(Romans 1:16)

2. God's word will not return void but accomplish the purpose for which He sent it. (Isaiah 55:11)

3. A Gospel tract can get into a house and stay there, potentially reaching mulitple people in a family

4. All Christians can participate in this strategy by praying, giving, distributing or following up)

5. The Biblical principle of sowing and reaping. If we sow the Gospel message into NZ we can expect to reap a harvest of souls in time.

Please read the following excerpt from the book by K.P. Yohannan. It shows the urgency of our task. If we don't take the Gospel message to the people of NZ others will take their messages... 

Just before China was taken over by the communists, one communist officer made a revealing statement to a missionary, John Meadows. "You missionaries have been in China for over a hundred years, but you have not won China to your cause. You lament the fact that there are uncounted millions who have never heard the name of your God. Nor do they know anything of your Christianity. But we communists have been in China less than 10 years, and there is not a Chinese who does not know, has not heard the name of Stalin or something of communism. We have filled China with our doctrine. Now let me tell you why you have failed and we have succeeded, he continued. You have tried to win the attention of masses by building churches, missions, mission hospitals, schools and what not. But we communists have printed our message and spread our literature all over China. Someday we will drive you missionaries out of our country, and we will do it by the means of the printed page."

How you can be involved...

1. Commit to reaching every letter box in your street, neighbourhood or city with the Gospel

2. Sponsor someone else to reach your street, neighbourhood or city with the Gospel

3. Contact us with the street names or the general area you want to reach so we can register it on our map.

4. Commit to pray for the workers who are spreading the Gospel, those who are receiving the message, those involved in follow up and those who are helping to finance the resources.

5. Become involved in following up enquiries from those who receive the Gospel

We have been really encouraged to see a number of people respond to the Gospel message through our various outreach initiatives. Would you like to see more people saved in your community? If you sow the Gospel you will reap a harvest over time. Please read on to see some of the feedback we have received from our outreach initiatives... 

 Feedback received...

"The first 21 years of my life I spent without God. No matter what I tried to do, I constantly struggled in my life. In the year I turned 21, things started to change within me; God was pursuing me. One of those experiences from God was when I came across the ‘The Test' tract sitting at a bus stop. I started to read it and as I look back now I believe that tract was instrumental in planting a seed for my faith. A few weeks later I was invited to church and consequently accepted Jesus into my life. Ever since my life has not been the same, and God is the continuing help and support that I always needed."

Hi im an alcoholic and a drug abuser. I hav lost all my friends and family becoz of my habits. I found your flyer an it gave me hope. I want 2 know god?

'My whole life I've been raised as a Mormon but this year I would like to make the journey of converting to Christianity, 'The Test' helped me find this path in life.'

i read ur buk THE TEST. Im very much inspired by it.want 2 knw more abt jesus, hindu frm wnt 2 b chrishian

If you can help in any way or would like more information please let us know by e-mail at: To find out more about the ministry of Gospel Outreach NZ please visit our website at:


Matt Old

Gospel Outreach NZ