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Outreaches 2018'

The following is the schedule for upcoming outreaches in 2017'. Please note these may change so contact us for more information if you are wanting to attend. To view pictures of some of our local and international outreaches please click here 

  1. January 13th                                                                South Auckland
  2. January 27th                                                                East Auckland
  3. February 10th                                                             West Auckland
  4. February 17th                                                             Palmerston North
  5. February 24th                                                             Northland Outreach
  6. March 3rd                                                                    Chinese New Year Festival
  7. March 10th                                                                  Central Auckland (Queen Street)
  8. March 24th                                                                  Pacifica Festival/Rotorua
  9. April 7th                                                                  Tauranga/Cambridge/Hamilton Outreach
  10. April 21st                                                                      East Auckland
  11. May 5th                                                                        North Shore
  12. May 12th                                                                      Nelson Outreach
  13. May 19th                                                                      Central Auckland
  14. June 2nd                                                                       South Auckland
  15. June 6th – 11th                                                            Gold Coast/Brisbane Outreach Trip
  16. June 16th                                                                     North Shore
  17. June 30th                                                                     East Auckland
  18. July 14th                                                                       West Auckland 
  19. July 28th                                                                       Central Auckland
  20. August 4th                                                                   Napier/Hastings
  21. August 11th                                                                 North Shore
  22. August 25th                                                                 South Auckland
  23. September 8th                                                            East Auckland
  24. September 15th                                                         Wellington
  25. September 22nd                                                         West Auckland
  26. October 6th                                                                 Central Auckland   
  27. October 13th                                                              Christchurch
  28. October 20th                                                               North Shore
  29. November 3rd                                                            South Auckland
  30. November 17th                                                          East Auckland
  31. December 1st                                                             West Auckland
  32. December 15th                                                           North Shore